The final report is published!

The Gyrofri project is finished, the final report is published and you may read it here: GYROFRI 2023 SLUTTRAPPORT 30.01.22. 

The Gyrofri project has been working by three main principles – the work should be new, useful and utilized information.

The final report presents a summary of the Gyrofri project. The summary are based on several science reports which main goals is to share results that can be utilized. In the English version you will find the overall symmary and conlusions at page 12. and 13.

The project has two main questions:
  1. Is the distribution of G. salaris constrained by a saltwater barrier in the Oslo Fjord?
  1. Does the migration pattern of smolts, adult salmon and sea trout increase the risk of G. salaris spreading to new river systems?

These main questions and other issues are highlighted in the following work packages:

AP 1. Robustness of salinity barrier

AP 2. Risk of transporting G. salaris with fish to new rivers

AP 3 Monitoring

AP 4 Management

The report will also be presented during the wild salmon conference in Trondheim in April 2023;

There will also be published a popular science version and article in This work has  not started yet, so the publication will be presented later.

Useful linkes

«What affects migration and large-scale area use of brown trout (Salmo trutta) smolt? – an acoustic telemetry study from four Oslofjord populations«. Master Thesis 2018 (NMBU). Karina Gjerde

The list of useful linkes will be updated.